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Academic UIL district meets change school calendar

Friday, December 7th, becomes an "Early Release" day to allow the elementary campus to host the Elementary Academic UIL District Meet.  Early release will be 1:00 PM.


Monday, March 25th, becomes a "Bad Weather Day" to allow the high school campus to host the High School Academic UIL District Meet.  To make this change requires us to move a planned "Bad Weather Day" on February 18th to March 25th.  February 18th becomes a school day!  The start of the fifth six-weeks begins a day earlier; however, the number of days for the six-weeks does not change.


Please post these calendar changes to report cards and any other item being sent home to families.


Mr. Goodall,  please post these changes to our website under the heading "Academic UIL District Meets change school calendar".   Also, post them on each individual campus website.