• Mr. Donald L. Metzler


  • To the Wonderful Citizens of Callisburg ISD,

    As the first semester of the school year closes in around us, I find myself at the halfway point of my first year as superintendent of this outstanding school district!  It has been a very hectic six months with many wonderful experiences and a few tough experiences. 

    The high point is certainly the high school volleyball team, the Callisburg Lady Cats, bringing back to Callisburg the very first state team title in a UIL sponsored event!  This remarkable accomplishment occurred because of the dedicated efforts of the young women, their coaching staff and their supportive parents.  Team members and parents were willing to sacrifice time throughout the year to attend camps, play in tournaments outside of the school day and travel all over North Texas to become better at their sport.  I hope that their accomplishment demonstrates to our students, teacher and coaches that we are capable of winning state titles if we are willing to dedicate ourselves to that end.  We commend the Callisburg Lady Cats for their dedication to a goal: BEING A STATE UIL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!

    We did have some difficult times to start the year.  We experienced the loss of a young student prior to the start of the school year.  A supportive campus came together to help the family process the experience and begin to overcome their loss.  I am always amazed at how much this district resembles a large strong family.  We pull together to help in any way needed to assist each other!  Our students, staff and administration are a blessing that we should appreciate!

    The middle/high school building suffered a water break early on the morning of August 2, 2018 that flooded the cafeteria, stage, library, six additional rooms, three restrooms and the gym.  We had a mitigation company in the building beginning the cleanup within three hours.  Until they could arrive our janitorial and maintenance departments worked like crazy to contain the damage and begin removing the water.  Now, four months later, we are back in business!  Our campus students, teachers, coaches and administrators worked around the mess without complaining.  All of them deserve a big “THANK YOU”!  Please come by sometime to see the new look for the library and gym floor.  I believe we may have one of the best looking gym floors in North Texas.

    There are always many activities occurring at a school throughout a school year.  We try to get every activity planned posted on the school calendar on the website; however, occasionally we miss one.  I encourage you to visit our website at www.cisdtx.net and scroll down the page to notice activities of importance.  At the bottom of the opening page is our school calendar.  You can click on it to see every activity listed on the days of the month.  You can also move forward to a future month by clicking in the upper right-hand corner to view items coming up next month.  By using our web site, you can keep up with last minute changes to sporting events, cancellation of events or any other necessary change. 

    Finally, the Christmas season is coming up and I pray that you and your family can enjoy a break from the strenuous task of the school year by getting a break and enjoying each other and other family and friends!  Christmas is a joyous time of the year.  Try not to forget that and become caught up in “what we are going to get from Santa”.  Giving seems to leave a warmer feeling in one’s heart than receiving!  Try to get some rest because the spring semester is right around the corner and can be a long arduous haul.  I want to thank all of you for the strong showing of support you have afforded me in these first six months!  I pray that I will continue to have your child’s best interest in mind when making decisions for the school district.

    For the Children,

    Donald L. Metzler