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    Your understanding of the game of Basketball is much more important than the physical aspects of the game. Learn to play to your potential and be consistent.  It is a game of transitional mistakes, don’t lose focus. The most powerful human ability is our "ability to focus.”  If you can remain focused, you can accomplish anything. Action is our first step.


     What do we do? Our program will LEAD. We will LEAD in our program, our school, our community, and ourselves.


    L – Learning: we will be students in school, on the court and life. Constantly seeking improvement through scholarship

    E- Excellence: We will challenge our minds and our bodies to pursue all things with passion and constant effort.

    A- Attitude: We will work through our successes and disappointment with a positive attitude, we will support and energize our teammates

    D- Discipline: We will do all things with obedience to our gift and goals and act as a model of self-control and restraint in all our pursuits


     Head Basketball Coach: Robert Payne
    JV Basketball Coach:

    JH Basketball Coach: Pam Wilson
    JH Basketball Coach: Corey Whittington

    Trainer: Chelsea Hoeltzel 
    Athletic Director: Gary Jack