• C-burg
    Hello , & Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  
     I'm currently teaching 11th grade U.S. History & AP U.S. History to juniors here at Callisburg High School. This will be my 25th year in the teaching / coaching career field and my 14th here at Callisburg High School. Below is a link to my syllabus'. You can also check the calendar here on my school web page for a day by day breakdown of my lesson plans.
    In ALL of my classes we will operate ALL YEAR LONG on a 3 week basis for covering each unit. Below is a basic schedule that we will follow all year. RARELY will we ever deviate from the schedule below. If we do deviate it will be explained to your student well in advance & written on the board 2 weeks in advance. 
    The following schedule is written on my board in the classroom & will be updated every 2 weeks in advance for your student to see.  Your student will know 2 weeks in advance of upcoming tests, quizzes, & work sheets  
    The 1st week of a new unit starting with the 1st day of school.
               Monday: Unit Lecture
               Tuesday: Unit Vocab
               Wednesday: Unit Lecture
                Thursday: Unit Vocab
                Friday:Unit Lecture
    The 2nd week of a new unit starting with the 6th day of school. 
                 Monday:  Unit work sheets
                 Tuesday: Unit primary documents
                 Wednesday: Unit work sheets
                 Thursday: Unit fact sheet
                  Friday: Unit vocab quiz
    The 3rd week of a new unit starting with the 11th day of school.
               Monday: reteach & review
               Tuesday: test
               Wednesday: Film quiz
                Thursday: Film quiz
                Friday: Film quiz
    My e-mail address for contacting me is rwhite@cisdtx.net 
    I prefer you contact me through e-mail however, if you feel the need to call you can contact me most school days at the beginning of 8th period (usually after 2:45pm) The number to the school is 940-665-0961 and my extension is 364.