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Important Annoucements

Announcement concerning the missed school days due to bad weather


The winter weather event we had in February caused the district to be closed for six school days.  We applied for a waiver for four of those days with the Texas Education Agency and it was approved.  A requirement to apply for this waiver required the school district to use at least two Bad Weather days that were in the current school calendar.  The two Bad Weather days (May 24 & 25) were moved to February 10 & 11.  The waiver covered the February 16-19 missed school days.  The state requires schools to offer 75,600 minutes of instruction each year.  Provided we do not have to close school between now and May 21, the district will have enough minutes to avoid having to bring everyone back to school for the third bad weather day.

Therefore, students and staff will still have May 21, 2021 as the final day of school for the 2020-2021 school year.




Announcement concerning Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-34 (mask mandate)


The governor released this order this week with an effective date of March 10, 2021.  Item #6 delegates to local school boards the authority to make changes to COVID-19 protocols in their district.  At this time, Callisburg ISD will not be changing any of our current protocols.  Masks will still be required by all staff, students ten years of age and older, and visitors to the campus.  The School Board will review this at their next meeting.