Earning Our E's, S's, N's, and U's

How can you grade art?

  • Many people have asked how I can give grades in art when art is mostly self-expression?


    Here is how I break down the grading system in my art room. 


    60% of the grade is based on behavior- is your student following the classroom behavior rules?

    Rules of the Art Room 
         1) Come in quietly and sit down (faster we're in our seats and ready to go, the more time we have for art!)
         2) No talking while the Teacher is talking ( paying attention during instruction helps everything go smoother for getting supplies and clean up)
         3) Raise hand to share ideas or ask questions.
         4) Be careful with supplies and don't waste paper.
         5) Clean up any mess.


    40% is the projects we do, all of which will have 2-4 specific requirements that anyone can complete. 

    Example- Is their name on the back of their work? 
                   Did they use 3 different colors in their work?
                   Did they fill the page with their drawing/coloring (no big empty uncolored areas)?
                   Did they make/use patterns where they should have?
                   Did they cut/glue carefully (no missing pieces no big glue mess)?

    All work is put on Artsonia an online data base so that parents/family/friends can view it. The only exception is if a student was absent and not there to finish their work.