• Social Media Applications 
    While the Yik Yak app is popular among college campuses, I want to bring your attention to an app called, After School. This app is being heavily used by thousands of high school students. Parents (and all non-high school age people) are totally unable to monitor its content. It provides an easy forum to create the potential for bullying, hate, and abuse. Students can post comments anonymously or impersonate others on the Callisburg High School group inside this app.
    This app has a 17+ rating and also allows for sexually explicit media and postings. Apple deleted the app about a year ago due to reports of bullying and gun violence on high school campuses. Since then, the After School developers have promised enhanced human controls. In order to gain access, students have to verify their identity through their Face Book account in order for After School to verify they indeed attend Callisburg High School. At that point, they have access to anything being posted anonymously. 
    Social media can be used in a positive manner and I just wanted you to be aware that we have had some issues from some After School postings that have been reported. 
    We have blocked the After School app. through our WiFi but students may still be able to have access through their personal data plans.
    Please discuss this app. and any other social media apps. to make sure your child is safe and not using these app. inappropriately.
    To learn more about social media applications that youth are using please visit this link:
    This link actually scores the most popular social media outlets and lets you know what websites are appropriate for what age groups. 
    You may also go to www.safesmartsocial.com to view this website.