•  Many wonder just what it is that students are 'learning' in art. There are standards issued by each state for each subject matter, including art.  These standards are known as TEKS, which stands for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. All of our learning is geared towards growing a students skills and helping them to meet these standards.

    Follow this link to see the official TEKS for Kindergarten Art. http://www.cedfa.org/new-teks-2015/art-teks/kindergarten-art/

    My Kindergarten Curricular Expectations-


    • Crayons and Markers
    • Paint: Tempera and watercolor 
    • Collage materials (Collecting parts to make a whole.
    • Clay/Ceramic
    • Recycled materials (art from everywhere/everything)


           Art Knowledge and Terminology-

    • Identify and name : lines, shapes, and colors ( both primary and secondary).
    • Explain how to mix secondary colors from primary.
    • Explain or show pattern, texture, and background.
    • Describe what an artist is.
    • Explain at least three reasons why art is a good thing to have in their lives. (Beauty, function, pleasure, and expression)

           Drawing Skills/Creativity-

    • Draw a simple body with arms, legs, head, and torso. (No more stick figures)
    • Draw a face that includes eyes, nose, mouth, neck and hair.
    • Draw a composition that fills the page.
    • Demonstrate how to change pressure with crayon.
    • Demonstrate how to fill in with their coloring. (trying not to leave scribble-like coloring with lots of paper showing through)
    • Fill an outline with color to create a shape.
    • Create work based on both imagination and direct observation.

           Manipulative/ Management skills -

    • Use scissors safely
    • Use both glue sticks and glue bottles correctly.
    • Use paints and brushes correctly
    • Grip a pencil or crayon correctly
    • Cut a shape out of paper without frustration.
    • Wash hands and clean tables without assistance.
    • Explain the Art Room Rules.
    • Appropriately label artwork with name, day, and grade.

           Art Talk/ History-

    • Describe what they see in a work of art.
    • Describe and explain their own artwork.
    • Express an opinion about a work of art- like or don't like and why.
    • Identify by visual cues whether an artwork is new or old.