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    Mrs. Kiser’s 8th Grade Science

    Course syllabus

    What we will study

             Safety and Scientific Processes           Sun, Earth and Moon

    Force and Motion Earth’s Forces

    Chemistry Earth, Ocean and Weather Systems

    The Universe Living Systems, Environment

    Materials Needed

    • Pens and pencils

    • 2 Composition Notebooks

    • One bottle of Elmer’s Glue or 8 glue sticks

    • One box of colored pencils (optional)

    • Scissors (optional)

    Daily Procedures – Beginning of class

    • Upon entering the classroom through the door in the front, greet your teacher, whether that is myself or someone in my place.  Be courteous.

    • I will ask two people to pass out our journals, go directly to your seat so they may find you.

    • Do any needed housekeeping.

    • Sit in your assigned seat, view the Road Map for the day and copy the day’s objectives.

    • Have bell work completed before the bell rings

    Daily Procedures - During Class

    • What will we do during class?  Lots of things!  Too many to name here!

    • You will watch.

    • You will listen.

    • You will speak.

    • You will read.

    • You will write.  Yes, we write in science class!

    • You will create.

    • You will work cooperatively

    Daily Procedures – End of Class

    • You will hear my cell phone alarm.  That is the signal to listen for my instructions, tidy up, collect journals, and return the room to its original state.

    • Sit and wait for the bell, then leave the classroom through the door at the front.

    Class Rules and Expectations

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    • Be….

    • Punctual

    • Prepared

    • Productive

    • Positive

    • Polite

    Consequences – What Happens?

    • Verbal warning

    • Phone call home

    • Reflection time in the hallway or conference with me (possible phone call home)

    • Detention (phone call home, documented)

    • Office referral (phone call home, documented)

    iPad Rules

    1. Use both hands when carrying the device and keep it in its cover.

    2. Share the iPad with classmates and respect their work by not making any changes.

    3. Only access websites the teacher gives you and do not install apps unless instructed.

    4. Take or use only school appropriate language, images and videos.

    5. Check the iPad in at the end of each day.

    6. Do NOT alter the iPad in any way (i.e. change the wallpaper on the lock screen, etc)


    Daily grades (in-class work, quizzes, etc) = 50% of your grade; minimum of 8 per grading period

    Major grades (tests, projects, labs, etc.) – 50% of your grade; minimum of 2 per grading period

    Make-up work

    You will receive the same number of days you were absent to make up any missed work.  1 day out = 1 day to make up work.  

    Late Work

    The student will be issued a SWIM for any late work. SWIM Camp is held on Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 3:30 – 5:00

    ·        20 points will be deducted if assignment is turned in before completion of SWIM, 30 points deducted if assignment is turned in after completion of SWIM.

    ·        See student handbook for more information on SWIM

    Teacher Contact Info