• This will be my 6th year teaching in Callisburg.  Prior to teaching here, I taught 8th grade math in Gainesville for 7 years.  This will also be my first year teaching High School Geometry after 5 years of teaching 7th grade math.

     My wife, Sarah, is the counselor at Callisburg Elementary.  We have two sons:  Connor, who will be a Sophomore this year, and Bryce, who will be a sixth grader.

    I was born in Florida, but spent most of my life (before moving to Texas) in Ohio.  I am a huge Ohio State fan (working with so many Longhorn, Sooners, and Aggies made the National Championship win by Ohio State that much sweeter).  After graduating college (the first time), I moved from Ohio to East Texas and worked as a Production Supervisor/Superintendent for Acme Brick Company.  I spent two years in Nacogdoches, then transferred to a plant in Sealy, TX.  Two years later, I transferred to the Denton plant, where I worked for another two years before deciding to quit and go back to school to become a teacher.
    I received my Bachelor's in Education from the University of North Texas in 2006, and I have been teaching ever since.  Even in college, I always wanted to teach math, and that's all I have taught for the past 12 years.
    In my spare time, I have a few hobbies that keep me busy.  I love Legos, and even though I am 45, I will still build any sets that I can get my hands on.  My wife and I like going to concerts and sporting events.  For the last four years, my main hobby has been autograph collecting of musicians, sports figures, and movie/TV actors and actresses. 
    My view on Math:  Math proficiency takes hard work and practice.  There are no shortcuts to success in math (and life).  Students in my class are required to work daily.  Let me repeat that:  WE WILL WORK EVERY DAY!  We will have homework several times a week. Last year, 87% of my students passed their STAAR math test!  That is a testament to the success you can achieve if you will put in the necessary work.