Hey there Wildcats! You are wanting to enrich yourself by helping others.
    What a Purely Wonderful Idea!!!
    Below is a list of some ways that may be of interest to YOU:
    Volunteer at Pecan Creek Nursing Home or any other Nursing Home or Assisted Living Center that you can get to on a regular basis-play Bingo with the Senior Citizens, read to them, play a musical instrument for them, find out when their art or activity time is and offer to help. Just go and visit.
    Be a Peer Tutor-if you know that you are strong in a subject-you may be able to help your classmates-ask your teacher if you can help...or come see Mrs. Griffin and let me know what subject you feel like you may be able to tutor in. Trust me, there are plenty of students that could use the extra help or someone putting the lesson in "words they can understand."
    Be a mentor. I still need volunteers to work with students who may need that extra relationship with an older peer to learn how to navigate through school, grades, peers, teachers, and future plans.
    Read to students at a local elementary school
    Volunteer at Noah's Ark-/Walk animals, clean cages, bathe animals
    Volunteer to work at local community festivals or events/ Clean up after home football games
    Help a neighbor who may need some "Honey do's" -see if you can be a local "handyman or handygirl"
    Ask teacher or counselor if you can help update bulletin board, web page, class decoration, college room
    Volunteer to babysit for friends and/or neighbors to have night out-NO CHARGE!
    Volunteer to clean a vacant lot or street to raise the morale in your community
    Volunteer at your local church-help with Sunday School, Child Care, being a Greeter ...YES, All those count
    Work at a camp over the summer
    Be a Volunteer Fireman
    Organize a clothing, food, toiletry drive for those in need. Come and see me for list of group ideas.
    This list is clearly not exhaustive....Remember, if you are doing something for someone else or another group of people
    and you are not gaining anything like $$$ ...this is called Community Service.