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    Hey Everyone...Welcome to 2017-18
    Hey There Dual Credit Students for 2017-18! Welcome to the Dual Credit Webpage.
    This website will have tips and bits of information for you to check periodically to keep you well informed.
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    Big Question: What are the requirements to be eligible to participate in Dual Credit?
    Answer: Juniors must have a 3.25 GPA and pass the TSI Entrance Exam given at NCTC.
    HB 5-ust announced that Juniors may only be exempt from this
    Test by passing the English 2 EOC with a 4000 score or higher.
    Seniors must have a 3.0 GPA and have made a 2200 on ELA Exam and at least a 3 on Writing Test.
    The Dual Credit program at NCTC provides an opportunity for eligible Sophomores, Juniors and Senior High School students to enroll in college-level courses AND earn both college credit and high school credit simultaneously—by taking NCTC classes at any NCTC campus and/or at their high schools.

    Mission of Dual Credit at NCTC: The Dual Credit Program provides a collegiate experience and pathway for exceptional high school students who are college bound and who meet eligibility requirements to successfully bridge from high school to college.

    Vision of Dual Credit: Students in the dual credit program experience the rigor of college level courses, obtain high school and college credit simultaneously, and acquire the confidence to succeed academically and socially in the college level learning environment.

    Purpose of Dual Credit: Exceptional college bound students who are currently a Junior or Senior in high school have the opportunity to complete college level coursework while simultaneously fulfilling high school graduation requirements.
    Please click on the link below to go to the NCTC Dual Credit page for more information.