Math Supply List 2018 - 2019

    Student Needs:

    • Pencils - students will not be allowed to work in pen for assignments
    • Notebook Paper - used for daily assignments (would love for kids to donate one package and we will keep as a classroom supply)
    • 1 inch Binder - Dedicated to math class only.  This will house our "Math Monster"
    • Pocket Dividers - package of 5
    Classroom Wish List
    • Pencils -  seems like someone always needs one...  its nice to have some to keep in the classroom 
    • Expo Markers - we use these on the board and small boards at our desks 
    • Colored Cardstock - used to make manipulativies and math games for the classroom 
    • Thin Markers - used for note taking and various projects
    • Hand Sanitizer - because 6th graders are sometimes messy :)
    • Sanitizer Wipes - clorox type to clean desks as needed
    • Deck of Cards - regular playing cards - used for math games 
    • Board Games - Used are GREAT as long as all the pieces are there.  Lots teach math (or reading/spelling) concepts and are sometimes used for reward days or achieve period groups.  
    • Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificates - There are so many awesome teachers out there making fresh new materials to use in class including task cards, projects, worksheets, and assessments.  I love buying them, but they get pricey!