• Mrs. Whittington’s Math Class

    Information Page

    2017 - 2018



    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Carrie Whittington           conference period 11:28 – 12:24

    (940) 665-0961 ext. 452   or    cwhittington@cisdtx.net 


    Course Overview:

    In 6th grade math we will be working with many concepts this year.  A quick glimpse of what we will be learning includes number operations; proportionality; expressions, equations, and relationships; and measurement and data.  We will use rational numbers to explore mathematical relationships and describe increasingly complex situations.  We will use proportionality to explore, develop, and communicate relationships, Algebraic thinking will help us describe how a change in one quantity results in a change in the other.  We will use geometric properties and spatial reasoning to model, analyze situations and solve problems.  Statistics and measures of data will be used to draw conclusions, evaluate arguments, and make recommendations. 


    Core Values:


       Work Ethic

              Self Discipline

              Life Learner



    • Come to class on time, be in your seat when the bell rings
    • Be prepared to work each day, you will need your Math Journal and a pencil everyday!
    • Begin working on the bell assignment as soon as you enter the room.
    • Remain in your seat during teaching time.
    • Use good judgment about when to get out of your seat during working time.  
      • Please sharpen pencils as needed.  You do not need to ask to do this and can get up during note taking if your pencil is broken.
      • Do not get up during the middle of a lesson throw trash away. 
    • Mrs. Whittington’s desk is her personal space. Do not go behind it or through it without permission. 
    • Participate in class discussions, but remember to stay on topic and use polite speech at all times. 
    • Follow the teacher’s directions immediately
    • Be respectful of manipulatives and other class supplies.
    • Pick up any trash from around your desk before leaving the room. 
    • The teacher, not the bell, dismisses you at the end of the class.


    Tardy Policy (CMS) & Restroom Breaks:

    • Students will be marked tardy when they enter the classroom less than 10 minutes after the bell has rang. 
    • Repetitive tardies will result in disciplinary action (see student handbook)
    • Students will only be allowed to leave class for restroom breaks during non-instruction time and at the teacher’s discretion.  If a student isn’t in the room they are not being supervised or learning.  Breaks will be kept to a minimum!  However I will be reasonable with you.  You are expected to use the passing time between class periods for their restroom and drink breaks. 
    • Repetitive restrooms breaks may result in the marking of a tardy or other disciplinary actions. 


    Text Books:

    • This year we are getting consumable textbooks which is quite a change from the text books of old days.  These books are pretty thick and come with a soft cover, each student will have their very OWN textbook.   If I have enough copies of the textbook I will leave 25 in the classroom for classroom copies and send a textbook home with students.  This at home book will need be kept at home as a reference guide for both the student and parents.  I do not typically teach straight from the text book, however I do use it for pacing and a guide.  Our journals should correlate to the text very easily.  Homework will not be assigned from the text, however I will use my additional practice pages from the textbook series for homework packets. 



    • We will be completing a variety of assignments and projects throughout the year.  Please consider these rules as you complete each assignment
      • complete and turn in on time
      • pencil will be used for math
      • be neat and easy to read and follow.  Questions should be numbered, answers should be boxed or highlighted
      • work must be shown as to how you solved the problems
      •  “clean edge” notebook paper is preferred and usually we have a class supply for students to use
    • Assignments that do not meet the grading requirements may be docked points or re-done.


    Late Assignment Policy (CMS See handbook):

    • The student will be issued a SWIM for any late work.
    • SWIM Camp is held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:30 until the assignment is finished
    • 10 points will be deducted if assignment is turned in before completion of SWIM, 20 points deducted if assignment is turned in after completion of SWIM, and 30 points will be deducted if assignment is complete in ISS following missing SWIM.


    Grades (CMS 6th Grade):

    • Six weeks averages will be figured using the following categories and weights.




    Min. Assignments


    Homework/In Class







    • Corrections and re-testing will be allowed on all assignments that do not meet mastery standards. Corrections must be taken care of within 5 days of receiving the graded assignment back.
    • Students will not be allowed to correct past due assignments to regain credit lost due to docked points.  They may be allowed to correct past due assignments due to lack of mastery, however they will still incur the past due penalty. 


    Make-up Work

    You will be responsible for checking the absent folder for their class any time you are absent.  Please meet with me also to discuss what you missed and the assignments that will need to be made up. Students receive the same amount of time as they were absent to get make up work turned in. ShowMe videos are a great tool for catching up on missed concepts. 



    If you are caught cheating will receive a disciplinary consequence.  This will likely be a SWIM referral so the work can be completed by you, and / or a grade of 0 that will not be allowed to made up or corrected for points.  You may also be assigned a detention or asked to call your parents. Cheating means either copying another’s work, or knowingly letting someone else copy your work. Cheating on a major project or exam earns an automatic parental contact. Multiple offenses will also earn both office referral and parental contact.



    You may be asked/ allowed to use electronic devices from time to time as part of our lesson or activity.  I expect you to be very responsible during these times or they will be taken away.  When we are working on devices I expect you to be on task as described.  Social media, texting and camera use are off limits unless very specific permission is granted.  Always use caution as to not drop your device or make someone else’s fall or drop.  I will not be responsible for dropped devices.  If you are working with a friend or borrowing one of my devices be sure to show respect.  

    Phones should be placed in the classroom phone holder at all times unless I have given you permission to work on them. Phones should be off or on silent in the classroom.  If a phone goes off while in the classroom there will be a consequence, possibly lunch detention or phone sent to the office.

    DO NOT ASK “Can we play on our phones?” Then answer will ALWAYS be NO!!. 


    Snacks, Water, and Gum: 

    Due to our late lunch in sixth grade I will allow only my third period class to bring a small snack.  Your snack needs to be appropriate for class, great examples would be granola bars, fruit chews, goldfish, fruit, nuts, etc… Please be mindful of how your snack will affect others!   Please consider if your snack is finger food, will your chewy crunch bother others, will it make your hands messy or sticky, are you going to need a drink after eating?   Snacks will not be shared with others and should be a quick hold me over till lunch.  Snack privileges will be taken away if they become a distraction or trash is left in the classroom. Water and Sports Drink (Gatorade / PowerAde) is allowed.  Water only!  No sticky or sugary drinks allowed, and bottles must close.  Gum is allowed as long as I don’t see it outside your mouth and it doesn’t end up on the furniture or floor.  Again this privilege can be taken away at any time. 



    All policies in the student handbook will be followed in this classroom.