• Callisburg ISD SHAC

    (School Health Advisory Council)
    8 components
    1. Nutrition Services
    2. Health Services
    3. Healthy and Safe School Envrironment
    4. Counseling and Mental Health Services
    5. Staff Wellness Promotion
    6. Parent and Community Involvement
    7. Physical Education
    8. Health Education


    School Health Advisory Committee

    Safe and Drug Free Schools

    Coordinated School Health

    Callisburg ISD


    Wednesday, September 28, 2011
    4:00 CHS
    I. Welcome
    II. Old Business
    III. Action Items
    A. Set Calendar for 2011-2012 
    B. Wellness program-Nurse Rohrbough
    C. Human Sexuality-abstinence based ideas    



    SHAC/SDFS/CSH Minutes 09/2011                                                   




                  February 2012 Agenda