• Mr. Donald L. Metzler

  • Dear Students, Parents, Staff and Taxpayers of Callisburg ISD,

    I am honored and blessed to serve as the new Superintendent of Callisburg ISD!  The experiences I have had over the past 26 years in the district will serve me well in this role.  Great things have been occurring over the years and I hope that I can continue to lead the district in achieving even greater accomplishments!

    Over the past several years, the district has brought in several software programs to assist students in being better prepared to pass their classes and achieve at a higher level.  Classes to provide supplemental instruction in areas of weakness for our students have been created.  Tutorial time has been increased to offer assistance to students before and after school.  Summer School has been expanded at the elementary campus to offer additional instruction in small class size settings to better serve those students that are behind in reading and math.  Credit Recovery options are available to high school students during both the school year and in summer school.  We will continue to offer these options to give all of our students the necessary help to stay on course for high school graduation.

    Our teaching staff has also benefitted from new programs brought into the district.  Software programs assist our teaching staff in better understanding the curriculum expectations provided by the Texas Education Agency.  These software programs help teachers to understand the depth of instruction and new learning expected from the students.  Other software programs allow our teaching staff to prepare rigorous tests used to check for true learning.  Finally, the district provides substitute teachers to allow classroom teachers to meet in Professional Learning Communities to review student-testing data in order to determine future lessons and identify students needing additional support.

    The past few years have seen a renewed passion for providing the best educational opportunities for our students and staff that we can afford to provide.  Emphasis has been placed on building relationships with students, parents, and taxpayers of the district.  We believe that education is a partnership between the community and the school.  To that end, we are constantly working to engage students and parents in a conversation about how to serve the student.  We encourage parents to talk with their child’s teachers to resolve issues and create better learning environments for students, both at school and at home.

    Finally, over the years, the district has identified five Core Values we believe are necessary to becoming a productive member of the American Society.  These are Work Ethic, Self-Discipline, Life-Learner, Service and Engagement.  Over the course of a school year, our students will perform community service projects that benefit many different groups in many diverse locations within the community, county, and North Texas. 

    I look forward to working with all of you in creating the best educational experience we can for your child.

    For the Children,


    Donald L. Metzler