• 8th Grade School Supply List 


    Supplies to be used in all Classes

    Pencils (will need to be replenished)

    Red, Blue or Black pens (may need to be replenished)

    Highlighters (may need to be replenished)

    Large Eraser

    Pencil Bag


    Loose leaf notebook paper (will need to be replenished)

    One Large Binder  to use for all Classes

    20 Glue Sticks (Science (8), History (4), Math (8))

    4 Composition Notebooks (Science (2), ELAR (1), Math (1))

    Folder with brads (Science)

    1 Folder (ELAR)

    1 Large container of Lysol Wipes disinfecting wipes (Science)

    (2) spiral notebooks (History) if the student does not intend to designate a section of his/her binder for history.

    2 boxes of tissue

    Math SSI (Students will know if they have this class @ schedule pick-up)

    1 70 count spiral notebook (solid colored only)

    Reading SWRI Students (Students will know if they have this class at schedule pick-up)

    2 packages of wide-ruled paper


    1 folder with brads

    8th Principles of Hospitality

    1 pkg. Markers

    1 pkg Glue sticks

    1 folder for class papers

    Theater Arts

    (1) 1-inch 3 ring binder


    1 1” 3-ring binder

    Revised 5/12/2017