• The Callisburg Tennis Team competed very well in the Princeton Classic Tennis Tournament. 
    Boys Singles:  Dominic Ladatto Placed 3rd- defeated Dakota Marish 8-4, Leonard 8-7, lost to Whitewright 7-8 and defeated Blue Ridge 8-0
    Boys Singles:  Dakota Marish lost to Princeton 0-8, Dominic Ladatto 4-8, Whitesboro 6-8 and defeated Blue Ridge 8-3
    Boys Doubles:  Kevin Miniter and Rodger Eugster placed 3rd- lost to Farmersville 4-8, beat Blue Ridge 8-4, Ann 8-7, lost to Caddo Mills 5-8 and defeated Blue Ridge 8-0
    Boys Doubles:  Logan Tischler and Brendan Mathews lost to Caddo Mills 3-8- Brendan was injured in the match and could not continue playing in the tournament
    Mixed Doubles:  Brennen Dugger and Londyn Maxwell beat Pottsboro 8-5, lost to Whitesboro 1-8, beat Blue Ridge 8-4 and lost to Melissa 0-8
    Mixed Doubles:  Andrew Matherly and Anaka Erickson lost to Leonard 5-8, beat Anna 8-0, Pottsboro 8-3, and lost to Caddo Mills 3-8
    Girls Singles:  Adrien Oropeza lost to Whitesboro 0-8, Leonard 7-8, and Leonard 2-8
    Girls Singles: Jill Enderby Placed 4th- lost to Whitesboro 1-8, beat Leonard 8-5, Pottsboro 8-4, and lost to Leonard 4-8
    Girls Doubles:  Ali Villalobos and Fallon Baucum placed 3rd- lost to Princeton 7-8, defeated Pottsboro 8-2, Whitewright 8-0, and defeated Heather Massey and Shala Digman 8-2
    Girls Doubles:  Skylar Dickerson and Brycee Breeden lost to Princeton 5-8, beat Anna 8-4 and lost to Melissa 4-8
    Girls Doubles:  Heather Massey and Shala Digman placed 4th- lost to Caddo Mills 6-8, beat Farmersville 8-1, Princeton 8-7 and lost to Fallon Baucum and Ali Villalobos 2-8
    Great Job Tennis!!!!!  The next tournament will be @ Princeton hosted by Farmersville